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Epsom Salt Psoriasis Treatment Review

For centuries, Epsom salt has been regarded highly owing to its marvelous health benefits and especially in reducing soreness, eliminating toxins and relaxing the body muscles. The salt contains some great properties such as magnesium which works well in reducing inflammation while at the same time enhancing nerve functionality. Epson salt psoriasis treatment offers greatContinue Reading

Coconut Oil Psoriasis Treatment Review

Coconut oil psoriasis treatment is a very effective natural treatment for dry scaly skin caused by this condition. Psoriasis is a chronic and non-contagious skin disease which can be a very uncomfortable disease to live with. The skin inflammation is normally characterized by itchiness and unpleasant flakes with the affected areas appearing reddish and silvery. Many patientsContinue Reading

Champori (Indigo Naturalis) Psoriasis Treatment Review

When  I heard of the Chinese herb Indigo naturalis, I was intrigued as it was the main active ingredient of a product of a natural psoriasis treatment called Champori that has gotten a lot of favorable reviews. Champori is very expensive so some psoriasis sufferers have taken to buying the powder itself to create their homemade Indigo naturalis psoriasisContinue Reading

Cayenne Pepper Psoriasis Treatment Review

Cayenne pepper psoriasis treatment has been hailed in some quarters as one of the best alternatives for psoriasis patients although that is debatable depending with the experience that different people have had in the course of their treatment. Cayenne pepper contains some anti-inflammatory properties that are ideal and effective in the treatment of the skinContinue Reading