Have You Experienced This Winning Psoriasis Trifecta?

I have been thpsoriasis trifectainking a lot lately about how I have finally gotten my psoriasis under control. I also started to think about the other times I experienced bouts of medium to long term psoriasis remissions in my life and what was the common connection each time. I love analyzing data, sad but true! Thankfully I believe I have found the connection, which I call the Winning Psoriasis Trifecta!

Below I documented the times in my adult life where I saw big changes in my psoriasis (listed in chronological order). You will notice a pattern in my psoriasis that I hope will also resonate with your psoriasis story.


New York
South East Asia
Malta Year 1
Malta Year 2
DIET Bad Bad Good Bad Good Bad Good
STRESS None High None High Average Above Average Average
SUN Every day Little to none Every day Every day Little to none Every day Almost every day in Summer
(Vitamin D3 in Winter)
PSORIASIS COVERAGE 95% 60% 25% 50%

So if I group the times where I have less than 5% psoriasis coverage, I get the following results:


New York
South East Asia
Malta Year 2
DIET Bad Good Good
STRESS None None Average
SUN Every day Every day Almost every day in Summer
(Vitamin D3 in Winter)

From the above you can see that the winning psoriasis trifecta is to have

  1. Good diet
  2. As low a level of stress as possible
  3. Sun exposure

Conclusion of my past history shows that having 2 out of the 3 above factors in good order means a massive reduction in my psoriasis. Having 3 out of 3 in good order means psoriasis is more or less eliminated.

My Second Stint in Dublin, Ireland

I want to make special mention to this time in my life where I actually went out of my way to reduce stress and have a better diet.


STRESS Average
SUN Little to none

This was a period in my life where I was in a stressful job and I knew from my time in Sydney it could also mean a psoriasis flare up. This time however I decided to take control of my stress levels through exercise (jogging 5-10km 3 times a week). I also gave up alcohol and cigarettes for 7 months and introduced raw vegetable juicing for the first time.

I felt great mentally but I just couldn’t get my psoriasis to improve better than 75% clearance. I am almost certain if I had added some vitamin d3 supplements to my diet and cut out all gluten, I would have seen a massive improvement at that time.

How can you achieve this winning diet, stress and sunshine trifecta?


Follow the detox plan as specified in my free eBook. Alter your diet and adhere to my foods to eat and foods to avoid list. Add some raw vegetable juicing into your diet.


This can be the tough one. Only you can understand how your body responds to pressure. I know jogging is a great stress reliever for me so my first recommendation is exercise. If you have bad sports injuries that prohibit you from heavy impact sports try meditation or yoga to help clear your mind.

If you are in a job you hate, try to move into a job or industry you always wanted to work in. It may take 12 to 24 months to transition into the job of your dreams but if you are persistent enough it can happen. Let me assure you that working in a job you love is the best way to eliminate stress (other than taking a long term holiday which is impossible for most of us).

Sometimes taking a pay drop in a new industry or relinquishing some responsibility at work can lead to a healthier, less stressful life so think long and hard about those options.

If you want to hear some more success stories about using stress management as a way to improve your psoriasis, click here.


If you live in a climate that lacks year long sunshine, you are more than likely vitamin D3 deficient. Go and get your Vitamin D3 levels tested and start supplementing during the winter time and cut back on the supplements in the summer time.

Always try and get up to 30 minutes a day of sunshine in Summer outside of the 12pm to 3pm hours as the sun is too strong a that time. Show as much skin as possible. Obviously do not over do it.

I would love to hear your stories

Can you pinpoint times in your life when your psoriasis was good or bad and then score your Diet, Stress and Sunshine levels at that time? Please leave your psoriasis stories and comments below. I promise to respond to each comment as soon as I can and I look forward to analyzing your data to see if a similar pattern exists with your psoriasis flare ups.

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