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How to make psoriasis-friendly meals that heal your skin from the inside out even if you have never cooked before and you only have 30 minutes a day to spare...

  • Do you wish you could get your psoriasis under control once and for all?
  • Would you like to be able to ensure that the food you eat is making your psoriasis better and not worse?
  • Would you be willing to spare 30 minutes a day cooking healthy food knowing that it would control your psoriasis?
  • Would you like to live a life where you do not have to cover up your skin due to embarrassment?

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I understand because I have been there...

I know how it is, i'm just like you. In fact, it took me 16 years of suffering with psoriasis before I decided enough was enough. I had to do something.

I first developed psoriasis when I was 14 years of age. It had a devastating effect on my life. I was so embarrassed about my condition I did not tell anyone about it other than my close family.

I would have some good months during the summer season as the sun would improve it, but once the winter months came, I knew I was in for a torrid time.

The doctors even said I was lucky as I had guttate psoriasis which responded well to natural sunlight. However I did not feel lucky, that’s for sure.

Over the following years, I tried some of the following medical and home remedies to name but a few

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  • Steroid Creams
  • Coal Tar Solutions
  • Methotrexate
  • Herbal Remedies

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  • Accupuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Bio Energy
  • Hypnotherapy

Sometimes I got relief but it was only temporary. The worst was taking methotrexate for 9 months but I had to come off the tablets as I was feeling constantly dizzy, couldn't concentrate and felt like my head was going to explode as the months went on.

To say I was desperate was a massive understatement.

Introducing the Smart Psoriasis Diet 30 Minute Meals Recipe Book

When I was 30 I decided to make changes to my lifestyle and started performing experiments on myself to see if my psoriasis could be controlled.

I mapped out different times in my life when my psoriasis disappeared or had shown vast improvement.

The results were interesting.

I found a correlation between diet, stress and sunshine.

It was a balancing act between these 3 factors. When I had a good diet, low stress and regular sunshine or vitamin D3 supplements, my psoriasis was below 5% coverage.

It it got out of balance, my skin would erupt!

Now that I have been practising what I preach for 6 years, I have proven to myself numerous times that this works.

Sometime I get super stressed out in my high pressure job, and I start to eat unhealthy foods, eventually I will get an outbreak.


The best thing is that now I understand how my body works, so I do not panic. I get back into my healthy routine and within 6-8 weeks my skin is back under control.

It’s such a great feeling knowing that I am in control of my psoriasis, and not my psoriasis in control of me.

So to help you on your journey to a balanced life style, I have created my Smart Psoriasis Diet 30 Minute Meals Recipe Book.

These are the meals I use that ensure that my diet stays healthy and keeps that essential part of the balancing act in check.

I work in a demanding job so have limited time to eat well. I also get confused cooking long elaborate meals.

Therefore each recipe listed in my recipe book is simple to prepare and cook. All meals are ready to eat within 30 minutes.

Why you should be excited to use this recipe book

You may be asking why you should buy this recipe book, when all the good and bad foods for a psoriasis diet are listed in my free smart psoriasis diet eBook?

Yes this is true, but seeing the good and bad foods you can eat is all well and good if you know how to combine them into a finalised mouth watering meal. Unfortunately most of us are not like that, and I used to be like that too. Once you have tried out your favourite recipes from the recipe book, you will be able to plan ahead so that you will never be tempted to eat bad foods again that may trigger a psoriasis outbreak, or prolong an existing flare up.

Are you afraid that the diet and recipes are too strict and you will not be able to stick it out?

You will be required to make a commitment of at least 60 days. The diet is not as strict as lots of low calorie diets you see all over the internet. The thing is you can eat as much of the good psoriasis friendly foods as you want. Also when you do see your skin improving and you have control over it, you can start to reintroduce some of the foods, like tomatoes for example, back into your diet. If you do not notice any reaction, then you can assume those foods are not a problem for you.

Also included in the recipe are lots of psoriasis friendly food substitutions you can use as a replacement for your favorite food types.

Will your shopping bill sky rocket after you change to a smart psoriasis diet?

You will notice no real difference to your grocery bill. I recommend cooking in big batches and freezing food so that you reheat when required. This will lower the amount of food that you probably waste in your current weekly food shop.

Choose your favourite recipes

Follow the simple instructions

Enjoy psoriasis healing meals!


how you skin will look in 60 days if you change to a healthier diet as advised in the Smart Psoriasis Diet plan. You scales will reduce, you skin will turn from aggressive red into a regenerating pink and you will be well on your way to controlling psoriasis for good.

If you get your stress under control, take the essential supplements and stick to using the psoriasis friendly foods and recipes in this recipe book, you too will soon get to see your psoriasis lesions turn to pink, which means the healing process is well under way.

You will no longer dread looking at yourself in the mirror just like I did, or wearing long sleeves to cover up my stubborn psoriasis patches on my arms and hands. You will be able to go to the beach or swimming in confidence. Believe me, it’s a liberating experience.

I get one to two flare ups a year. Even though I look after my diet, I sometimes get super stressed with work and cannot get a handle on it. By the time I do, it’s too late and my psoriasis comes out with a bang.

In fact this happened just 2 months ago. My psoriasis came back all over my chest, legs, back and scalp. I got my stress under control through better time management in my job and extra sessions at the gym so I knew I just had to stick to my healthy routine and introduce extra virgin coconut oil on to my skin until the red spots turned into pink healthy ones.

Thankfully, I am now very much in control of my skin and no more scales or red lesions. It took me 6 weeks to get to this stage and I know I have another few weeks before the pink patches turn back into my normal skin color.

In a recent survey of people like you who have bought this recipe book, I can happily state that 100% of the buyers informed me that they would recommend this recipe book to a friend.

Here are before and after pictures of the first time I used the Smart Psoriasis Diet personal experiment

What you will find inside this recipe book...

The Smart Psoriasis Diet 30 Minute Meals Recipe book contains the following chapters:

  • Psoriasis - Why Me? I explain the reasons why diet has a massive impact on the severity of your psoriasis. By controlling the food you eat, you can help control your psoriasis.
  • Healthy Eating Tips and Advice. This chapter gives 15 tips on what foods to use as alternatives to your favourite foods that are on the foods to avoid list. Once you see this, your life will become a lot easier!
  • Foods to Avoid. These are the foods you must eliminate from your diet so you can stop the inflammation in your body which causes the aggressiveness in your flare up.
  • Nightshade Substitution Guide. One of my favorite chapters. If you love tomatoes, then you will love this chapter as it gives you substitute foods to use instead of nightshade vegetables so you will not miss out on those flavors.
  • Foods You Can Eat. This is the huge list of foods you can eat which will heal psoriasis from the inside out. Thankfully the Food you can eat list is a lot longer than the food to avoid list so no need to panic!
  • Breakfast on the go. If you are one of those people who likes to rush off to work and has little time for breakfast, then this chapter is perfect for you. It includes breakfast ideas that take less than 5 minutes to prepare and eat.
  • Breakfast for late risers. These are the breakfast recipes I cook at the weekends or on holidays when I have time to prepare more substantial breakfast meals. These are my favorite breakfast recipes and you will love them too.
  • The Perfect Lunch Ideas. This chapter is self explanatory. One of the main issues for psoriasis sufferers trying to stick to a healthy diet is knowing what to bring to work with you for lunch. Now you will have the answer!
  • Smart Psoriasis Diet 30 Minute Meals. The following five chapters contain over 40 main course meals that can be prepared and cooked in 30 minutes or less. There is something for everyone here and you will be surprised at how inventive these dishes are. Living a smart psoriasis diet can be fun! Poultry Dishes, Seafood Dishes, Meat Dishes, Salads, Vegetarian Dishes.
  • Side Dish Options. I break down side dish options into home made side dishes, prepacked side dishes and premade sidedishes. These recipes will be used more often than any other in the book as they are so simple but tasty and great for your psoriasis.
  • Dressings, Sauces & Spices. 12 types of dressings, sauces and spices from homemade mayonnaise to Italian salad dressing to night shade free curry powder. You do not have to miss out on flavor following the smart psoriasis diet.
  • Wholegrains. One of the big problems for psoriasis sufferers is finding a substitute for white flour and gluten products. These chapter describes which whole grains are best for making bread, thickening sauces and for baking.
  • Homemade Bread Recipes. In this chapter I list many whole grain bread recipes that you can use to make your own wholesome home made bread.

So how much is the Smart Psoriasis Diet 30 Minute Meals Recipe Book going to cost?

I would be willing to pay $10,000 if someone could guarantee that I could control my psoriasis.

Of course I am not going to charge that much for a recipe book!

As I alluded to earlier, stress is one of the main causes of psoriasis, along with your diet and lack of Vitamin D3.

I find that my stress is caused by my working environment. I hope to be able to one day quit my 9-5 job so that I can work for myself and can be my own boss.

I want to be able to choose if I want to get 30 minutes of sunshine at 3pm in the afternoon and not have to ask for permission.

Therefore if I want to make this happen, I have to charge for this recipe book. In fact this recipe book took me 6 months to create, 2 hours after work every day and then spending time on it at the weekends.

If the money I make from this recipe book can someday allow me to quit my job and enable me to work full time on adding more valuable content to the smart psoriasis diet website to try and help others improve their skin as much as I have improved mine, then it will be a win win for all psoriasis sufferers.

You hear so much about different home remedies to eliminate psoriasis, however I have proven time and time again that diet, stress and sun are the 3 main factors into controlling this highly frustrating autoimmune skin disorder.

Therefore I am pricing this recipe book not at $39.99 which is the usual amount you see recipe books on line for sale, but at $29.

I want as many psoriasis sufferers as possible to be able to buy this book, but I also want to someday quit my job and work full time on helping other psoriasis sufferers, that I think it is a good compromise.

Hopefully it is not too much to ask considering the improvement you will see in your skin by using all the information from my blog, my free Smart Psoriasis Diet eBook and my Smart Psoriasis Diet 30 Minute Meals Recipe Book.

If I can get mine under control by making small changes to my lifestyle, then you can do it too. It will be the most liberating thing that you have ever undertaken. Imagine not having to worry about dropping flakes everywhere, or waking yourself up by scratching yourself to bleed, or being afraid to look at yourself in the mirror.

It's time to take control of your psoriasis now!

You can buy my Smart Psoriasis Diet 30 Minute Meals Recipe Book for $29 now.

Here is my guarantee to you…

If you buy this recipe book and you are not 100% satisfied, I will give you a 60 day no questions asked money back refund!

Now you have a choice to make...

You can be like me for 16 years, cursing your bad luck and drowning your sorrows with alcohol


You can start taking control of your psoriasis through managing your diet, stress and vitamin intake.

In a survey to buyers of this recipe book, 50% of respondents said they saw improvement in their psoriasis using the smart psoriasis diet and recipe book while the other 50% stated they saw big improvement in their psoriasis. Not one respondent stated they saw no improvement in their psoriasis.

Take the first step today and buy the Smart Psoriasis Diet 30 Minute Meals Recipe Book

  1. Psoriasis Friendly Meals: Enjoy meals that will not trigger a psoriasis outbreak
  2. 30 Minutes To Prepare: You do not have to be a slave to the kitchen following these delicious recipes
  3. Feel Confident Again: Psoriasis may not be curable, but it can be controlled. Start the journey today...

"Your cookbook is so helpful and easy to understand ..."

"Your cookbook is so helpful and easy to understand. Thank you!! The recipes I have tried are very tasty, and my boyfriend (who does not have psoriasis but said he would try with me before seeing the recipes) is very happy with everything so far too..

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You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you buy this recipe book and you are not 100% satisfied, I will give you a 60 day no questions asked money back refund!

"Psoriasis cannot survive in a healthy body and mind. Take control of your psoriasis today!

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