Coconut Oil Psoriasis Treatment Review

Coconut Oil Psoriasis Treatment Review

Coconut oil psoriasis treatment is a very effective natural treatment for dry scaly skin caused by this condition. Psoriasis is a chronic and non-contagious skin disease which can be a very uncomfortable disease to live with. The skin inflammation is normally characterized by itchiness and unpleasant flakes with the affected areas appearing reddish and silvery.

Many patients normally have to live with embarrassment as they seek to answer questions from inquisitive people who do not understand the disease. This is made worse by the fact that the disease has no cure. However, you should not live with the shame and the pain as the symptoms can be treated using different remedies.


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Coconut oil psoriasis treatment is one of the commonly used forms of treatment available today but it has differing effects on different patients.

Coconut oil is undoubtedly one of the most versatile psoriasis treatments available in the market today and can work if taken orally or by applying on the skin. The presence of Lauric acid in the coconut oil psoriasis treatment works well especially in the elimination of Candida and this helps in the treatment of the main source of this skin inflammation.

Over the years, research has shown that coconut oil is an effective treatment not only for psoriasis but also many other conditions as well.

Testimonials and success stories for coconut oil psoriasis treatment

This comment is from someone who seems to have been researching on the benefits derived from coconut oils. He later advised a friend to use the coconut oil after which great results were obtained within 2 weeks.

Coconut oil psoriasis treatment 1


This next comment is from someone who uses the oil regularly and this has helped not only in relieving his/her psoriasis condition but also eczema.

Coconut oil psoriasis review 2


These remarks are from someone who confesses to the use of the coconut oil by applying it on her blotches and consuming some orally. It works well for her.

coconut oil for psoriasis 3


Although this person has some reservations about using coconut oil orally he uses it on her scalp to eradicate psoriasis symptoms. It is amazing to note that the coconut oil psoriasis treatment works well for her and this should be encouraging to you too.

coconut oil helps psoriasis 4


The following remarks are from someone who applied the coconut oil on her skin and immediately experience some soothing effects. The itchiness would disappear immediately and the symptoms disappeared within a month or so.

copt 5


The following remarks are from a patient who opted to apply and swallow coconut oil psoriasis treatment and it worked wonders even on the parts where she did not apply the oil. This brought tremendous relieve within 2 weeks without re-occurrence.

copt 6


It is so amazing and exciting to find a remedy that clears your problem for good!  This is a testimony of a person who coconut psoriasis treatment worked for.

copt 7


Negative remarks about coconut oil psoriasis treatment

This person does not indicate how long they have been using the coconut oil. However, things seem not to be working for him.

coconut oil psoriasis negative review 1


This next comment is from a person whose condition worsened after using coconut oil for psoriasis and eczema treatment. It is not clear why but it definitely isn’t helping him.

coconut oil psoriasis negative review 2


This last comment shows that in rare cases, coconut oil psoriasis treatment does not clearly heal your skin completely.

coconut oil psoriasis negative review 3


Effectiveness Score for Epsom Salt Psoriasis Treatment

Personally I love using extra virgin coconut oil as a moisturizer especially around the back of my ears and hairline and any place I suffer from psoriasis on my face. It smells great, keeps the skin feeling soft and you can wipe off any excess oil easily. You can apply this to problem areas like I mentioned before you go to work and you don’t have to worry about it until you get home from work later – it works that well as a moisturizer. It contains lauric acid which is  a medium-chain fatty acid that has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties so whats not to like about this substance. I give it an impressive 7/10 effectiveness score for treating psoriasis naturally.

How long before you see the results for coconut oil psoriasis treatment?

As with every other treatment, coconut oil psoriasis treatment manifests different results on the patients at varying durations. However, complete relief can be experienced within two weeks although users can expect an immediate relief especially from itchiness. The results however vary from individual to another.

Is it worth investing time and money in coconut oil for treating your psoriasis?

Yes, it has many different benefits for a psoriasis sufferer;

  1. Can be used as a topical ointment to keep skin moisturized and pain free
  2. Can be ingested to be used as a anti – fungal to kill candida overgrowth (beware of die off effect if you eat too much too soon. You must also use in combination with good detox regime to remove the toxins released from dying candida quickly and effectively before they get released back into the bloodstream. Otherwise it may actually cause a psoriasis flare up)
  3. Can be used as a healthy alternative cooking oil

Extra virgin coconut oil is the best coconut oil to buy. Beware of health stores who charge a premium for this product. Either buy online or source from your local Eastern cuisine food stores for a fraction of the price.


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