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Glycerin Psoriasis Treatment – Does Something So Simple Really Work?

I can not help but get caught up in all the buzz on forums about using glycerin as a natural treatment for psoriasis. The spearhead of the glycerin camp is two mothers of young kids who used glycerin in combination with UVB treatment.

Therefore there are two things to note here

  1. They used glycerin as a complementary aid to another known beneficial treatment
  2. They  saw great results on their children who did not have psoriasis for a long period of time.

As you read the positive comments below you will see a correlation of quick results to length of time the psoriasis patch/lesion has existed. I actually bought some glycerin recently to see what all the fuss was about. I didn’t give it a full test, just used it for behind my ears after a recent flare up caused by a relapse on the booze.  I found it excellent for reducing the scale and leaving the area smooth.


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What exactly is glycerin? 

Glycerin is a slightly sticky liquid that is odorless and clear in color  It is sweet to taste and can be safely consumed. It has a very high boiling point and when it freezes it turns into a paste. It is used most widely in homemade and commercial beauty creams and lotions. Nearly every bar of soap you buy contains glycerin. Nitroglycerin which is derived from glycerin is used to create dynamite!

Glycerin is said to draw moisture up through skin layers and slows down or stops excessive drying and evaporation.

Why is there such a buzz about treating psoriasis with glycerin?

The Journal of Investigative Dermatology published a report stating that glycerin can benefit and treat psoriasis through helping skin cells mature normally. There are 4 normal stages of skin growth and glycerin helps a psoriasis sufferers skin go through these steps properly. 


First of all here is a quick rundown of how to apply glycerin to your skin to treat your psoriasis lesions

Glycerin Psoriasis Treatment

One of the reoccuring themes when using glycerin as a natural psoriasis treatment is to develop a routine and do not stop until at least 6 weeks.

Glycerin as natural treatment for psoriasis  

If your skin becomes red after applying glycerin to your psoriasis at first then this is natural and do not worry. It must turn red before the skin starts to turn pink.

treating psoriasis with glycerin 

Here we see a quick but uplifting comment for guttate psoriasis sufferers.

glycerin and psoriasis

Here is what to expect when you apply glycerin to your skin and the healing process involved

 glycerin and psoriasis success story

The following poster controlled psoriasis of the scalp using glycerin and described it as a miracle. I love these type of psoriasis success stories

Glycerin and psoriasis 

I referenced this positive comment earlier but it must offer some relief to parents whose children suffer from psoriasis. I know that the dreaded fear of anyone with psoriasis is passing it on to their kids. Thankfully we can read such inspirational success stories like the following.

There are many more success stories like the above. The main thing is to be consistent and apply the glycerin 2 to 3 times a day and never miss a day.



 The following quote was only after 3 week trial. I believe 6 weeks is the minimum test for any new treatment used for psoriasis.

psoriasis natural treatment

This has been the best negative comment I have found on the internet. the psoriasis sufferer gave glycerin a conclusive test and below are her findings.

 treating psoriasis naturally


I am going to give it a solid 6/10 as it does help reduce scaling and also eventually reduce the redness in a lot of cases. It s definitely worth trying to see if you can replicate some of the positive comments above.


Expect to see improvements after 1 month. However if your psoriasis lesions or patches have been present for along period of time, then be prepared to apply glycerin for 2 months to see good improvements. If the they are new spots then you should be able to get those into remission within a few days


Definitely. A bottle of glycerin costs less than $2 dollars in USA and les than €3 in Europe.

  • Apply it 3 times a day for best results. 
  • After 15/20 minutes you can use a damp cloth to remove the excess glycerin on your skin. After that time period your skin will have absorbed enough glycerin to be of benefit to your skin condition.
  • Expect the skin to go bright red at first for the first few weeks but eventually the skin will turn pink and the healing process is nearly complete.
  • Try getting some exposure to sunlight as well as having a healthy diet to see faster results.

Glycerin is one of the cheapest natural forms of psoriasis treatment so there can be no excuses for not trying it.


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