Reduce Your Psoriasis Symptoms Using This Food Combination Chart

Reduce Your Psoriasis Symptoms Using This Food Combination Chart


I have been continuing to research the connection between a poor digestion system and the severity of one’s psoriasis. I am hoping this post will offer immense value to people searching for easier ways to reduce their psoriasis symptoms. If you haven’t read my previous post on treating psoriasis naturally with enzymes please do so now as this article will build upon what was learnt there.

Eating certain combinations of food can affect your digestive system and your level of psoraisis

Dr Howard Hay developed a theory in the 1930′s based upon his health and nutrition research and observations that is now known as the food combining diet. This diet helped millions of people to improve their digestion and therefore their general health. The main features of this diet are

  • Eat alkaline forming foods
  • Avoid refined and highly processed foods
  • Eat fruit on its own
  • Do not mix protein rich and carbohydrate rich foods together

Food combination chart for people with psoriasis

Warning about the food combination chart

We now know that combining dense proteins to carbohydrate meals slows down the release of sugars in protein which can aid weight loss and keeping stable energy levels. However by sticking to the food combination chart above we make it easier for our digestion system to operate in its most efficient manner.

This is ideal for people with psoriasis, as they are known for not digesting protein correctly, and gives the body a chance to rectify itself and restore the body’s digestion system to a healthy balance.

Please read the treating psoriasis naturally with enzymes article to learn which supplements to take to fix your digestion issues once and for all and in turn reduce your psoriasis symptoms.

So in summary to give your digestion a helping hand,here are

The 5 golden rules

  1. Eat 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming foods. This implies eat more vegetables and replace some of the denser protein foods (meat, eggs, cheese) with lower protein content foods like beans, lentils and wholegrains.
  2. Eat fast fermenting and acid fruit on their own as snacks – use as energy snacks as they release natural fructose and require little digestion
  3. Eat animal protein on its own or with vegetables – psoriasis sufferers should supplement with digestive enzyme supplements. Protein requires 3 hours for digestion.
  4. Avoid all refined carbs. You can combine fast releasing carbs (bananas, apples, coconut) with unrefined slow releasing carbs (oats, millet)
  5. Do not eat until your body is awake. General rule of thumb is wait an hour. Try eating fast releasing non fermenting fruits like bananas or apples for breakfast.

Extra rule

  • If you do like stimulants like tea or coffee, then enjoy these on their own. And try to keep them to moderate levels!


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