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T-Gel Mixed With T-Sal 50/50 Scalp Psoriasis Treatment

Due to the complexity and the trauma associated with psoriasis, a lot of efforts have been directed towards the search for a cure. Despite the fact that this disease does not have a cure yet, it is worth noting that various treatments have been discovered one of them being the T-gel mixed with T-sal 50-50. T-gel and T-sal psoriasis treatment is one of the notable discoveries for many patients and has attracted sizeable attention due to the fact that it can be relied to a certain extent when dealing with the psoriasis management and scalp psoriasis in particular.

At this point, it will be important to point out that T-sal and T-gel are two components that are combined together to help eradicate the scale or dry skin that results from psoriasis. These beauty products have been tested over the years and different people have experienced different results as will be seen at further down in this page. However, it is worth noting that T-sal and T-gel psoriasis treatment is more of a beauty product which has some medicinal value. Precisely, these two products are special shampoos that are manufactured to work inter-dependently with each other for the desired results to be obtained. In case you opt for the two products, it will be worth noting that each of them plays a special role in the treatment and therefore the two should be used alongside each other.


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Success stories on T-gel mixed with T-sal 50/50 mix psoriasis treatment

After hearing about these two products, I decided to establish whether there are any real life stories of people who have been able to manage their psoriasis condition using the combination. Below are some of the positive comments that I got.

According to the conventional medicine there is no cure for psoriasis, but I do not agree with this, because despite that, people get help from using remedies that relieve pain and symptoms which is as good as a cure.

T-Gel and With T-Sal mix psoriasis treatment

The next comment is from a psoriasis patient who claims that the T-gel mixed with T-sal 50/50 mix psoriasis treatment helped eliminate the skin disorder within the first week of use. According to him, the itchiness disappeared and has not returned.

tgelt tsalscalp psoriasis treatment

This next comment is from another patient who goes ahead to show how he would mix the two products in desired proportions. Although he says that the results were immediate, it is not possible to know how immediate but all the same his condition was managed and he has lived without the inflammation of his scalp since then.

t-gel scalp psoriasis treatment

This next comment does not specify whether the writer really used the T-gel mixed with T-sal 50/50 mix psoriasis treatment but according to what I see, it was written by someone with some information on how it works. It shows that the product can be trusted to eliminate the accumulated dead cells on the scalp.

t-sal psoriasis treatment

It is amazing to read what this user writes. She does not like the smell of T-gel but at the same time, she does not hide the fact that the product is highly effective. Although he has not used it for long, it is clear that something has been happening and he will continue using the product.

t-gel and t-sal psoriasis

This next patient used the T – Gel Mixed With T – Sal 50/50 Mix Psoriasis Treatment for 5 days and has a good report to give. According to him, the product is effective and he has noted some tremendous improvement on his skin.

t-sal successful stories

This comment makes the use of T-gel mixed with T-sal 50/50 mix psoriasis treatment to sound so easy and reliable. Within 2 weeks of use, the patient noted some magical changes with almost the entire infection gone.

t-sal for psoriasis

Negative comments about T – gel mixed with T- sal 50/50 mix psoriasis treatment

Well, it is true that every coin is two-sided and this is the case when it comes to the T – Gel Mixed with T – Sal 50/50 Mix Psoriasis Treatment.  I was also curious to know whether there are people out there and who might have used the product without any improvement on their condition. Below are some of the negative comments that I found.

The comment is from a person who does not trash the product entirely. For him, T-gel did not work at all. However, he turned to the other side of the treatment and using T-sal brought good results. The comment is not entirely negative and shows how different people can obtain different results from the products.

t-sal and t-gel psoriasis

This person does not seem to be very clear with what he is saying. However, it seems like he has some fear of hair discoloration and sunburn which he attributes to the prolonged use of T-gel.

t-gel and t-sal psoriasis treatment


I think this is one of the most effective over the counter products you can use to drastically reduce the scaliness of your scalp psoriasis. It will not reduce the redness that you may suffer around the hairline but after a couple of applications your hair will begin to look and feel normal again. Keep using it on a frequent basis to keep the scale at bay.  Also try using coconut oil or glycerin 3 times a day around the ears and hairline to reduce the scale and redness there. I give this simple over the counter mix a very impressive 8/10.


The results according to the few aforementioned comments vary from one individual to the other. The extent of the infection obviously determines the time span. It is also important to note that people with different skin types will experience varying results as far as time is concerned.


Without a shadow of a doubt, buy these products as soon as possible. After a few washes you can look forward to less flakes on your shoulders and on the couch. These shampoos and applications cost twice as much as regular  shampoo, but you only need to use small amount to see great results. If you change to a  a healthy diet to treat the causes of psoriasis, you can uses this mix to treat the symptoms and get some fast relief.


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