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Vitamin B12 And Zinc Psoriasis Treatment

According to research, psoriasis is caused by an immune deficiency in the body which exposes the skin to attacks by invading viruses and bacteria. To treat the skin inflammation, therefore, it will be important for you to boost the immunity system of the body and this can be done by introducing the missing minerals into the body. This can be done through diet and supplements. Vitamin B12 + Zinc Psoriasis Treatment is one of the recognized me remedies and especially because research carried out has established that there is a close connection between the skin inflammation and deficiency of zinc and vitamin D among other minerals in the body.

To help strengthen the body, therefore, supplementation of these two minerals is important and especially where there is a deficiency in the body. It is, however, worth noting that the supplementation should be taken with moderation and especially considering the dermatological conditions associated with zinc. It is important to seek the advice of your health caregiver concerning the serum zinc level in order to get the necessary advice whether your body does require any form of zinc supplementation.


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Additionally, ointment vitamin D has been used in the past especially in the treatment of mild psoriasis and therefore it is appropriate to point that Vitamin B12 + Zinc Psoriasis Treatment could come in handy for patients who seek to supplement the mineral deficiency while at the same time treating this skin condition.

With this in mind, I sought to gather some information about this treatment of psoriasis and below are some of the positive and negative comments I found from patients who have used this particular psoriasis treatment in the past.

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Positive comments & success stories about Vitamin B12 + Zinc psoriasis treatment

The comment below is from a patient who claims to have used the treatment and it worked for him. He also would apply some Vaseline on the affected areas and things seem to be working for him.

vitamin b12 psoriasis treatment

It is believed that vitamin B12 together with zinc has a greater effect in clearing the symptoms of psoriasis thus forming a basis for Vitamin B12+zinc psoriasis treatment.

vitamin b12 and zinc psoriasis treatment

Vitamin B12 plays a major role in improving the skin’s appearance. Its deficiency may lead to high risk of contracting psoriasis.  It is therefore used in vitamin B12 + zinc psoriasis treatment plan.

natural psoriasis treatments

For successful treatment of psoriasis, it is important to include vitamin B12 with zinc.  This is as seen in the comment below.

vitamin b12 zinc psoriasis

Prevention is better than cure!  But still, if you happen to get this skin condition, Vitamin B 12 + Zinc psoriasis treatment will lower your irritation by reducing the symptoms.

vitamin b12 zinc psoriasis success stories

Many a times, some remedies do work alone. They have to be mixed with others in order to get good results.  In this extract, vitamin B12 is combined with avocado to form a cream suitable for this treatment.

vitamin b12 and avocado psoriasis treatment

A study shows that B12 is responsible for giving a healthy skin.  That is why the results show that those were B12 deficient had psoriasis.

vitamin b12 study link

Negative comments about vitamin B12 + zinc psoriasis treatment

Vitamin B12 + zinc seems to be a very rare combination for the treatment of psoriasis.  There is plenty of research which does not talk clearly about this form of treatment.  The available comments suggest that the treatment is not very popular among many patients.

This comment was picked from a research report indicating that not many patients with psoriasis have benefited from the combination.

vitamin b12 and zinc psoriasis treatment failed attempts

Although past reports had suggested that the combination is effective, this negative comment seeks to dispute that fact.

vitamin b12 and zinc psoriasis failed attempts


I give vitamin b12 and zinc psoriasis treatment on its own an effectiveness score of 6/10. HOWEVER if you have read through the rest of my top 20 psoriasis treatments list and especially concentrated on the top 6 then you would probably be eating enough good foods and taking the right vitamins, minerals and other beneficial supplements to cover the amount of Vitamin b12 and zinc you should be taking on a daily basis.


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As for the waiting time, it is not clear how long it will take to see a change if any. For this reason, therefore, it will be good to keep on trying for a given duration before determining whether Vitamin B12 and zinc are helpful in your case. However, the time variation could vary from one patient to the other.


Vitamins in isolation do not work very well, therefore it is always in your best interest to at least take a powerful multi-vitamin supplement daily with will ensure that all can work efficiently in your body. Please check out my free ebook to see exactly what vitamins and supplements I take in a daily basis to keep my psoriasis under control.

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