What is Scalp Psoriasis?

What is Scalp Psoriasis?

If you’re asking the question, what is scalp psoriasis, there’s usually a good reason for it. Maybe a family member or friend asked you if you have psoriasis or perhaps a friend has it and you wanted to read up on it.

Or possibly you have been to a doctor who couldn’t diagnose your skin condition but suspects psoriasis of the scalp.

Or maybe you’ve already received a diagnosis of the condition and you’re still asking, what is scalp psoriasis, and you can’t rest until you find out.

Whatever situation you’re in, you’ll find answers here.

So what is psoriasis of the scalp?

Psoriasis of the scalp is a type of psoriasis skin condition that primarily affects the scalp. It’s a reddish rash with raised areas called plaques that have silvery scales on top. The scales seem to reproduce themselves at a very fast rate and brushing or combing your hair doesn’t do much to eliminate them. Your hair in the area of the plaques is riddled with the flakes.

The area itches as well, and sometimes there’s a burning sensation there, too. If the condition has gone on for quite a while, there will be hair loss, exposing the reddened and silvery areas even more.

What is Psoriasis of the Scalp – Causes?

Scientists are still battling out the real cause of scalp psoriasis but they now have a pretty good idea about what causes it. Only time will tell the true reasons why the condition afflicts humans and why it can be so stubborn in some cases yet cured quickly in a few weeks in others.

Doctors do know now that the condition is not contagious. You can sigh a big sigh of relief for that one fact.

However, there’s something happening in the immune system that isn’t right when you have psoriasis scalp. The keratinocytes of the skin are reproducing at astronomical rates without developing into cells that are fully normal and functional. That’s why you get the scales, and you get them by the millions.

There’s a lot of inflammation occurring in the body when someone has psoriasis. It’s happening at a deep level in many cells. The result is showing up on your scalp.

What is Scalp Psoriasis – Are Genes to Blame?

There are genetic causes of psoriasis of the scalp as well. But have you noticed that doctors seem to forget that genes are controlled by the foods we eat and our nutritional status? You could have many genes for diseases but it’s the status of your nutrition that determines whether or not those genes for disease – including psoriasis are turned on or off.

Vitamin D alone turns on the expression of over 300 diseases when there’s a deficiency. Interestingly, doctors notice a big improvement of psoriasis in general when a vitamin D topical cream is used.

So should you blame your genes or blame your nutrition? Give it some serious thought.

So what is psoriasis of the scalp? It’s a skin and immunological disorder that may have a strong nutritional basis.

What is Psoriasis Scalp – Pictures

The best way to answer the question, what is scalp psoriasis is to view pictures. Get an idea of what it looks like and you won’t forget it. Then supplement the images you see with more information.

what is scalp psoriasis

common scalp psoriasis spot

severe scalp psoriasis

severe scalp psoriasis


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