My name is John Redfern and my psoriasis story started  as a 14 year old when I first developed psoriasis and has led me to this point in my life where I am now the proud owner of this website. My story is long but I’m sure it will resonate with many psoriasis sufferers out there.

So initially it was one spot of guttate psoriasis that eventually went on to cover up to 90% of my body at different stages of my life. To say psoriasis had an impact on my life is a massive understatement. Not one part of my body was spared from psoriasis, from toes to my scalp.

It had a huge effect on how I lived my life through the tough teenage years when every night I would think to myself “Why me?” and then the progression into a stressful working environment as I got older. Every year I got older it seemed to get worse, it seemed like the more stresses in my life as I got older manifested itself through the psoriasis on my skin.

This led me to find natural ways to control my psoriasis and I have finally managed to do so through alterations to my diet and a new balanced healthy lifestyle. You can read all about how I managed to control my psoriasis by reading it online here.

The aim of this site is to encourage fellow psoriasis sufferers to take action and make minor changes to your lifestyle which will result in drastically improving your skin and therefore your standard of living.

Beware the unscrupulous con men who will prey on your desperation

I also created this website as I saw unscrupulous individuals who were charging up to $30 for eBooks that claimed to cure psoriasis. I even fell for that trap myself and bought one. I just couldn’t understand how a fellow psoriasis sufferer who claims to be able to “Cure” a chronic disease like ours would not give the information away for free.

Therefore I decided to create my FREE eBook by researching all the available natural treatments with lots of trial and error until eventually I found what works. I do not want one penny for it. Everything you need to know to improve your psoriasis is in my eBook. Don’t be the next victim of the internet con men.

If you find my story has in some way helped you in your journey to control your psoriasis, please feel free to leave a comment on one of my posts.




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