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The Origin Story Of Smart Psoriasis Diet

My name is John Redfern and my psoriasis story started as a 14-year-old when I first developed psoriasis and has led me to this point in my life where I am now the proud founder of SmartPsoriasisDiet.com. My story is long but I’m sure it will resonate with many psoriasis sufferers out there.

So initially it was one spot of guttate psoriasis that eventually went on to cover up to 95% of my body at different stages of my life. To say psoriasis had an impact on my life is a massive understatement. Not one part of my body was spared from psoriasis, from toes to my scalp.

It had a huge effect on how I lived my life through the tough teenage years when every night I would think to myself “Why me?” and then the progression into a stressful working environment as I got older. Every year I got older it seemed to get worse, it seemed like the more stresses in my life as I got older manifested itself through psoriasis on my skin.

This led me to find natural ways to control my psoriasis and I have finally managed to do so through alterations to my diet and a new balanced healthy lifestyle.


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The aim of this site is to encourage fellow psoriasis sufferers to take action and make minor changes to your lifestyle which will result in drastically improving your skin and therefore your standard of living.

Why I Named The Site “Smart Psoriasis Diet”

The Smart Psoriasis Diet website was set up by me, a frustrated psoriasis sufferer who had been to numerous doctors and leading dermatologists who kept telling me diet/lifestyle had nothing got to do with my psoriasis.

They prescribed me steroid creams and immunosuppressant drugs that had more side effects than benefits, and it was after 16 years of vicious cycles of psoriasis outbreaks, covering up to 95% of my body, that I decided to ditch their advice and begin some trials and experiments on my body.

What had I to lose, my psoriasis couldn’t have got any worse, and I was and still am a firm believer that psoriasis cannot live in a healthy body.

Thankfully since 2010, I have my psoriasis under control. This does not mean that I am fully clear for 12 months a year, but it means I have less than 20% coverage at worse, and fully clear at best over the course of 12 months.

This is a vast improvement from being covered 80% on average over the course of 12 months before I started my journey of self-discovery.

Here is a little back story so you can understand why I called this site, Smart Psoriasis Diet.

I am not a qualified doctor or even a qualified dietician or nutritionist. However, I would like to think that I am at least somewhat intelligent, holding a university degree in Economics and Computer Science as well as a diploma in Software Engineering.

I worked as an IT consultant before transitioning over to a Business consultant where I analyse companies processes to find ways to eliminate the processes that do not bring results and fix or implement processes or procedures that make significant gains.

The main principle I follow to find this waste of resources and energy is called the Pareto Principle, more commonly known as the 80/20 rule.

For those of you that do not know, the 80/20 rule, it says 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your efforts, and 20 percent of your results come from the other 80 percent.

But that’s not all. You can apply the 80/20 rule to the top 20% which implies 80% of your results from the top 20% can be found by concentrating on the top 20% of the top 20%. You can continue to 80/20 the results indefinitely and know this makes business decisions very easy.

Let’s look at a real-world example so you can understand it better.

  • 80% of the traffic drive on 20% of the roads
  • 64% of the traffic drive on 4% of the roads
  • 52% of the traffic drive on 0.8% of the roads
  • 40% of the traffic drive on 0.2% of the roads
  • 32% of the traffic drive on 0.016% of the roads

So if I was an advertising executive and knowing the above information, it would make more sense to put one billboard on a major expressway as opposed to 100,000 billboards on residential roads!

So you may be asking how in hell does this apply to Smart Psoriasis Diet?

The problem with trying to get your psoriasis under control is all the different information out there about what natural remedies work or do not work.

I wanted to be smart about it. I already know by the power of the 80/20 rule, that making small but effective changes to my lifestyle can lead to huge improvements in my skin. But in 2010, I had to figure out what those small changes were so that I did not have to live a life controlled by my skin condition.

After 12 months of experiments as well as analysing all the times in my past where my psoriasis was minimal or entirely clear, I figured out these small but effective changes I had to make in my life.

I wanted to improve my skin but didn’t want to disrupt my current lifestyle either totally and was able to finally figure out the 3 key areas I had to change to find huge wins in my battle against psoriasis. The actions I took were smart, and I did not waste time on anything else.

These are the 3 Smart Psoriasis Diet key areas

If I found a healthy balance in all these three areas, my skin was fully clear.

If I found a healthy balance in 2 out of 3 of these key areas, my psoriasis would be present but still somewhat under control.

If only one of these areas was in a healthy balance, my psoriasis was bad but still better than what it was compared to when it was at its worst.

I can only vouch for myself on this as everyone’s immune system is different, but I have seen how my body reacts when any of these three areas are out of harmony. Time and time again I have proven to myself by getting all 3 back in harmony, results in a massive reduction or total elimination of my psoriasis.

As a business consultant, when you are tasked to fix a problem, you break down the situation into blocks to figure out the first block you must change/fix to bring about the largest results. Once that is fixed you move on the next block and so on. In each block, you look for that 20% change that will bring about 80% of results. And it was this principle I applied to conquering my psoriasis.

The three blocks to defeating psoriasis were and still are Vitamin D3, Diet and Stress. But which one brought about the quickest results?

  1. Vitamin D3/Sunshine

If you get your vitamin d levels up to 70-100 ng/ml, you will see an improvement of at least 50% in your condition over the space of 3-6 months.

  1.  Diet

If you make the change to an anti-inflammatory diet along with having vitamin d levels of 70-100 ng/ml, you will see at least a 65% improvement in your psoriasis over 2-4 months.

  1. Stress

If you can get a handle on your stress levels, along with an anti-inflammatory diet as well as having vitamin d levels of between 70-100 ng/ml, you will see at least an 80% improvement in your psoriasis over 6-8 weeks.

In my experience, when I apply all the changes at once, I was able to see a 95% reduction in my psoriasis over 60 days!

Imagine the freedom of knowing the key blocks you have to focus on whenever you get a flare up due to one of these area’s getting out of harmony.

The hardest one for me is stress, and once or twice a year, it will trigger a flare up. However now that I understand what triggers it, I get back into my anti-stress routine, and the psoriasis is fully under control again within 60 days.

Even when I do get a flare up, because I have the other two areas in harmony, the outbreak is mild compared to years ago when I was relying on doctors to “cure” me. A flare up for me now, is some guttate spots on my stomach, whereas, before Smart Psoriasis Diet, a flare up meant I would be covered up to 95% of my body.

Thanks for reading, and be smart!

Yours sincerely,

John Redfern

john redfern 

Founder, Smart Psoriasis Diet


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