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Beating Psoriasis Trifecta Case Study

Here is my personal case study which proves it works. Below I documented the times in my adult life where I saw big changes in my psoriasis (listed in chronological order). You will notice a pattern in my psoriasis.

beating psoriasis trifecta case study -











So if I group the times where I have 5% or less psoriasis coverage, I get the following results:


good diet, stress and vitamin d levels cure psoriasis










From the above you can see that the winning psoriasis trifecta is to have

  •       Good diet
  •       As low a level of stress as possible
  •       Sun exposure (i.e. healthy levels of vitamin D)

Conclusion of my past history shows that having 2 out of the 3 above factors in good order means a massive reduction in my psoriasis. Having 3 out of 3 in good order means psoriasis is more or less eliminated.

I want to make special mention to my second time in Dublin where I actually went out of my way to reduce stress and have a better diet.


smart psoriasis diet beating psoriasis trifecta trademark










This was a period in my life where I was in a stressful job and I knew from my time in Sydney it could also mean a psoriasis flare up. This time, however, I decided to take control of my stress levels through exercise (jogging 5-10km 3 times a week). I also gave up alcohol and cigarettes for 7 months and introduced raw vegetable juicing for the first time.

I felt great mentally but I just couldn’t get my psoriasis to improve better than 75% clearance. I am almost certain if I had added some vitamin d3 supplements to my diet and cut out all gluten, I would have seen a massive improvement at that time.

In the next section, I will explain how Vitamin D, diet and stress affects psoriasis and detail the 6 essential steps required to get your psoriasis under control once and for all.

I call this the Smart Psoriasis Diet Plan.

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