3 Reasons Why Psoriasis Support Groups Are Sometimes Bad

3 Reasons Why Psoriasis Support Groups Are Sometimes Bad

Psoriasis support groups such as forums, discussion boards and non-profit organisations can offer a lot of help but sometimes it’s best to take advice from some of these places with a pinch of salt!

1)The Negative Nelly

These people annoy me the most. Just because they have tried and failed some sort of treatment for psoriasis, they instantly jump in on a thread where some one is showing some positive results and do nothing but put a negative cloud over that person’s achievement.

There is one such person on the Inspire Talk Psoriasis forum who comes to mind. Every time a thread about psoriasis and diet emerges the same person is one of the first three respondents to say diet made no difference to their psoriasis and doesn’t believe in the connection.

Shame on you for putting thoughts of failure into people’s mind who are seeing slow but steady progress.

2) Travis the Troll

It’s really sad but some people just want to stir up trouble. I don’t understand the logic behind their motive fully but they take great satisfaction in winding someone up and wasting people’s time. Trolls are the price we pay for free internet. Just ignore them and they will go away defeated.

3) Eddie the Empty Vessel

Sometimes the person who shouts the loudest doesn’t always offer the best advice. These people refuse to take on board well thought out comments and reasoning and hope that by continuously repeating themselves that people will eventually stop arguing their point. A person who can’t admit to making mistakes or occasionally being wrong will never learn. When treating psoriasis there is never one right way as every person’s genetic makeup is different and their treatments must be tailored respectively. This applies to conventional as well as natural remedies.

So why do people with psoriasis use social media?

This is a great survey completed by the best psoriasis support group “Inspire“. It explains the other side of the coin, the actual benefits to using social forums and discussion boards.

[slideshare id=15685189&doc=psoriasissocialmediatrendsdeckdec2012-121218065415-phpapp02]

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