10 Best Psoriasis Blog Posts of 2013

10 Best Psoriasis Blog Posts of 2013

As we stumble into a new year, it’s time to be unoriginal and reflect over the 10 best psoriasis blog posts of 2013.

Things have changed over the past year. We have lost some good bloggers for whatever reason, have stopped posting about  psoriasis and living with this auto immune disorder.

Side note – do people agree with me that it’s a lot easier now to tell people you have psoriasis, because an auto immune disorder sounds way cooler than “oh its a skin disorder and no one knows exactly what causes it and has no cure!”.

However all is not lost, there are still some damn fine psoriasis bloggers out there so this post is dedicated to all you good folk! Even though I have ranked this from 10 to 1, there really isn’t any particular order to them as I enjoyed all.

Drumroll Please…Here are the 10 Best Psoriasis Blog Posts of 2013

No. 10 Howard Chang – Psoriasis Pet Peeves: It’s Just a Rash

psoriasis blogIt wouldn’t be the same if Howard Chang was not included in a psoriasis blog top 10 list. He has been recruited to the everyday health blog and he  continues to deliver with quality posts over the year.

I could have picked a few but I really liked this one Psoriasis Pet Peeves: It’s Just a Rash! as it really brought the very serious point to our attention that having psoriasis not only means dealing with a skin disorder, but we have to fight against natural patterns which means we must start looking after our selves much better.

As corny as it sounds, maybe 2014 is the year where you really try and sort out your lifestyle, get fitter, eat better and reduce your stress levels.

No. 9 Luissa Burton “I won’t let psoriasis stop me from modelling”

I wanted to include a post from someone who didn’t let their psoriasis get in the way of their dreams. The celebrities that first come to mind are Cara Delevingne and Cari Dee English, however they do not have blogs.

But then I came across this “I won’t let psoriasis stop me from modelling” post on styleable.co.uk website. It takes a lot of courage to uncover your psoriasis so great article. I hope Luissa has a very successful 2014.

psoriasis blogger

No. 8 23andme – What Patients Say Works for Psoriasis

This blog post is a result of surveying 275 people living with psoriasis. It rates treatments which are most effective and also rates how popular the treatments are.

Check it out here What Patients Say Works for Psoriasis. It includes a mix of natural and prescription treatments.

No.7 PsoriasisDietPlan Guy – My explanation to why I was banned from psoriasis forum

I swear to God I did not know the guy who runs the psoriasisdietplan website wrote this blog post before I wrote my  Why My First Post On Inspire Psoriasis Forum was Deleted in December.

I chuckled to myself when I saw it yesterday. Ok, he does pepper his pages with supplement ads, but if you actually read the articles on his site, they are very informative and offer value in my opinion. I think English may not be his native language so maybe his tone may be misconstrued at times.

So check out how the inspire forum police banned his account in this My explanation to why I was banned from psoriasis forum blog post. Also check out his posts on taking enzymes as he provides evidence it helps with before and after psoriasis pictures.

No.6 Matt Ludwig – In your FACE psoriasis

blog about psoriasis dietMatt Ludwig is the owner of the psoriasisdiary blog which describes how his psoriasis is healing by sticking to an alkaline based diet.

He is taking action and I love this post  In your FACE psoriasis as he ditches the topical steroid creams.

Now I recommend weaning yourself off drugs gradually whilst changing to a psoriasis friendly diet regime only when you start to see improvements from the diet (either physical or mindset improvements). However he went for the cold turkey treatment. This resulted in his face psoriasis flaring up badly but thankfully he is now seeing light in the end of the tunnel and the skin is starting to turn pink which is a sure sign of healing.

Keep up the good work Matt!

No. 5 Toby Hadoke – Defending the NHS

toby psoriasisI had to agree with Toby’s blog post Defending the NHS. NHS stand for the UK’s “National Health Service”. Everyone gives out about the NHS in the UK. They say the waiting lines are too long and the service is sub standard. I would disagree. They should look across the pond at my native country Ireland to see how bad a 1st world’s country national health service actually can be.

When I lived in Ireland I spent approx €2,000 a year on treatments and that was just on creams. If I was in the UK, the figure spent would be 1/10th of that.

No. 4 Joni – Just a Girl on Dr Oz

justagirlwithspotsI have to include this post from Just a girl with spots blog as it takes a lot of courage to go on a national TV show and show your psoriasis patches! (Side note: I’m not sure how you feel but Dr Oz looks a bit creepy to me! :-) )

Check out the Just a Girl on Dr Oz post and wish her well on her recent marriage.

No. 3 Kara Hooper – ”I may have psoriasis but it doesn’t have me!”

You may notice a trend in my top 1o blog posts of the year as I have included people who have looked psoriasis in the eye and said “F%CK you, I’m going to live my life”.

Kara wrote a lovely personal blog post on how she confronted her anxiety and won the mental battle with psoriasis on this occasion. Long may it continue.

Check out her “I may have psoriasis but it doesn’t have me!” blog post.

No. 2 Jessica – My Child Has Psoriasis

In this Jessica and Psoraisis blog post she introduces Karen and her son Callum. She tells her story of how her 3 year old son developed psoriasis.

I will be honest, this is my biggest fear about having children. How will I feel if my child starts to develop psoriasis. Even when I see one of my brothers (I don’t have any sisters) develop a rash or skin blemish I get a sense of dread that they too will develop psoriasis.

Check out Karen and Callum’s full story here – My Child has psoriasis – Great to see that diet cleared it when they tried it.

No. 1 Alisha – I May Not Have Psoriasis

alishaAlisha is one of my favorite psoriasis bloggers (Beinginmyownskin.com) and I like this post as it made me laugh, especially the last two lines.

Check it out here I May Not Have Psoriasis. Keep posting more in 2014 Alisha!

Most Honorable Mention – Sarah Ballantyne – My 21-Day Sugar Detox Experiment: The Good and The Great!

Sarah is the owner of www.thepaleomom.com which is my favourite paleo blog. This lady knows her stuff inside out and is surely the main authority on not only Paleo dieting but also modified paleo dieting for people with auto immune disorders.

I have tried to mirror some of her website features/content ideas on this website. They do say imitation is the greatest form of flattery! I love experimentation blog posts and this 21 day sugar detox experiment is the best one I have read in a while.

Everyone with psoriasis should consider a 21 day sugar detox. If you are following my smart psoraisis diet plan, you should have already drastically cut down your sugar intake. However no one is a saint and it is easy to cheat especially at this time of year so don’t beat yourself up if you did indulge over the Christmas season.

I think I shall try the 21 day detox next month. I’ll keep you updated.

My top 5 blog posts of the year

Time to be self indulgent and post my top 5 blog posts I have written this year.

No.1 Smart Psoriasis Diet Plan

On the 18th December I decided to place my eBook on its own dedicated website www.smartpsoriasisdiet.com. I know some people don’t like to give over their email addresses so this was for you. You can still receive a downloadable copy of the eBook by signing up for my full resource pack which has loads of other useful information to get you started on a psoriasis diet plan.

No. 2 The Ultimate Guide to Psoriasis Diet Treatment Plans

I released this in September. It is a 3800 word guide comparing all the different psoriasis diets that you read about online.

I compared the Anti-inflammatory diet vs John Pagano diet vs Modified Paleo diet and noted their positives and negatives.

One of the reasons for creating the Smart Psoriasis Diet Plan was because of their short comings but the main aim of my smart psoriasis diet plan was to find the most effective way to gain control of my psoriasis with the least amount of effort required.

This was achieved by taking the best bits from the aforementioned diet plans and refining it through trial and error until I found what worked for me.

No. 3 What is the difference between psoriasis and eczema – A dummies guide

I’m including this as it was only supposed to be a short 500 word article but by the time I had finished 3 days later it was well over 3000 words. I’m starting to get the hang of writing more in-depth articles and I’m really enjoying it.

I’m hoping this will be “the go to” resource for anyone who is new to psoriasis so they can learn more about the causes, appearance and the treatments available.  Check out the full guide here.

No. 4 Have You Experienced This Winning Psoriasis Trifecta?

This is my favourite blog post from earlier this year. It details all the places I have lived along with my lifestyle conditions at the time and how bad my psoriasis was in those situations.

There was always a reoccurring theme when my psoriasis was at it’s best. Therefore through analysis of my own life, I knew the main items I had to attend to if I ever wanted to get in control of my psoriasis.

Any lifestyle design article you will read on this blog from now on stems from this realization.

No. 5 – 26 Success Stories That Prove A Psoriasis Diet Treatment Plan Will Work

This is also from early 2013. I spent days upon days creating my top 20 natural psoriasis treatments list and part of that list was obviously a psoriasis friendly diet. So here were 26 Success Stories That Prove A Psoriasis Diet Treatment Plan Will Work as part of that entry in my top 20 list.

Thanks for getting down this far.

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Will a psoriasis diet be part of your 2014 new years resolutions? Are there any other psoriasis blogs you follow that I should know about?

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