Multi-digestive Enzymes with Betaine HCL and psoriasis experiment

Multi-digestive Enzymes with Betaine HCL and psoriasis experiment

In a recent blog post I referred to the fact I was trialing out a Multi – Digestive Enzyme containing Betaine HCL for the first time. It is taken to rectify low stomach acid production. Many psoriasis sufferers tend to suffer from not being able to break down protein efficiently, therefore supplementation with digestive enzymes is deemed necessary. I first read about this in Patrick Holford’s Improve Your Digestion book and further research online seems to back this up.

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Firstly let me describe what my then level of supplementation was when starting to take the Multi Digestive enzyme that contained Betaine HCL.

  • 10 grams Spirulina
  • 5 grams Chlorella
  • 1,000 milligrams of EPA daily (2 regular fish oil tablets 3 times a day)

As I currently work and reside in a Mediterranean country, I do not need to supplement with Vitamin D3 during the summer months.

Also as my psoriasis was in maintenance mode just the above supplements along with the diet containing my foods allowed list described in my Smart Psoriasis Diet ebook would assure that my psoriasis stayed under control to a level I was quite happy with (around 5% psoriasis coverage – some stubborn spots on my hip and lower torso).

Results of the Multi Digestive Enzyme containing Betanine HCL and psoriasis experiment

mulit digestive enzymes with betaine hcl and psoriasisI was only ever comfortable taking 2 Multi-digestive enzymes before having a big meal that contained protein. Any more and I felt discomfort in my stomach, more than likely too much acid being produced to break down my food.

I would not take the enzymes if I was only eating meals that did not contain protein.

Within 3 weeks the stubborn patch on my hips were gone! I also noticed great improvement on my torso and with some coconut oil and a bit of sunshine was able to eliminate that as well. I also noted that I was extremely regular and would empty my bowels up to 3 times a day with no difficulty.

However on Week 4 I had to stop taking both the Digestive Enzyme and the Chlorella. Even taking 1 gram of chlorella would cause stomach discomfort, and I think this is because the extra supplementation over the 4 weeks had corrected the imbalance in my digestive system and chlorella contains natural enzymes as well.

After a 5-6 week break I have started back taking chlorella as I have been straying from my usual healthy diet because of an influx of family and friends visiting. I am not getting a reaction which means an imbalance may be occurring again so I will monitor how I feel and how my skin reacts over the coming weeks.


I think it is very worthwhile to try a multi-digestive enzyme. Ensure you find one that contains Betaine HCL. It cleared stubborn spots of mine. But it is a short term supplement. Once you start to feel discomfort taking these supplements, it means your low stomach acid issue has been resolved and enzyme imbalance corrected. From what I experienced and from other “success” stories I read, 4 to 6 weeks is usually enough to rectify the issue.

If you have tried this supplement, please leave your results in the comment box below. I really appreciate it.


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John Redfern

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