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Jojoba Oil Psoriasis Treatment

Although research has not been able to present psoriasis sufferers with any meaningful cure, it is important to know that there is still hope for you. There are various treatments available with each offering different results to the patients and knowing some of these remedies could go a long way in helping to reduce your suffering as a psoriasis patient. Jojoba oil psoriasis treatment is one of the most reliable solutions for many people and this is based on the reports I have seen from people who have used the product in the past.

If you have struggled with the condition for years or months and are almost at a point of despair, jojoba oil could bring a smile on your face. The oil has some great medicinal value not only for psoriasis patients and trying it will help you establish its suitability for your condition. The treatment has some awesome effects on the diseased skin and will help not only in moisturizing the affected areas but also in giving your skin a smooth touch thus eradicating the itchiness and helping you live a normal life. Jojoba oil psoriasis treatment leaves your skin glowing and can therefore be used as a beauty enhancer.


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How jojoba oil is made

The oil is extracted from the jojoba plant. It has a sweet smell like that of nuts and it comes in a golden color. For many years, jojoba oil has been used for the production of beauty and medicinal products especially for cases involving the skin. In ordinary cases, jojoba oil users have been able to enjoy smooth and glowing skin and especially due to the anti-aging agents that are found in jojoba oil. The oil also works perfectly well in hair conditioning among other things. For this reason therefore, it is possible to experience some awesome results from the oil when it comes to the psoriasis treatment.

Testimonials & success stories for jojoba oil and psoriasis

When I first heard that jojoba oil can be a good and reliable treatment for psoriasis, I did not want to take the information on face value. I decided to do some research and know whether there are any specific cases of patients who have been able to treat their skin using the product. It was amazing to discover that a number of people have been using the jojoba oil psoriasis treatment with some tremendous results. Below are some of the positive comments that I found on the internet.

Although the following comment has some negative aspects, it is worth noting that this person has great things to say about jojoba oil as a psoriasis treatment. He says that although this oil is not a cure for psoriasis, it can be trusted for the management of the skin condition, making life bearable and easier.

jojoba oil psoriasis treatment

This next comment was made by a patient who has lived with psoriasis for more than 15 years. Despite the pain and frustration, she turned to the use of jojoba oil and the good news is that within 3 days, she had already seen some results. Her comment is obviously a great indicator of what jojoba oil psoriasis treatment can do for you as well.

jojobaoil psoriasis


You will notice at this stage of the top 20 best natural treatments for psoriasis list that the remedies mentioned are used more of a psoriasis management aid and not a “cure” so to speak. I personally have not tried jojoba oil on my psoriasis but I am in the process of trying to secure some as it is hard to locate in my area. The reason I give jojoba oil a 6/10 effectiveness score for treating psoriasis are:

  1. The positive comments I have read lead me to belief it will help in the reduction of not only the scales but the actual redness/aggression in the psoriasis lesion.
  2. Natural products such as jojoba oil which work as moisturizers beat any of the big branded over the counter moisturizers as they are a natural anti-inflammatory and have no chemicals added to preserve their shelf life. What you see is what you get.
  3. The anti-inflammatory properties in jojoba oil soothes the pain caused by large dry scaly patches.


Jojoba oil treatment for psoriasis will show positive effects very quickly.  Many people have seen good results within 4 days to 14 days.


You can buy a 4 ounce bottle of jojoba oil for less than 10 bucks on amazon so very hard not to try this out. Even just reading the reviews on amazon it has gotten me very excited about starting to use jojoba oil on my skin. Reviewers of amazon are saying they have ditched their expensive facial moisturizers to use jojoba oil instead and the average review is 4.6 stars out of 5! You can check out the amazon reviews here – NOW Foods Jojoba Oil Pure, 4 ounce. Jojoba could be perfect answer to replacing steroid creams for your facial area.

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FREE SMART PSORIASIS DIET PLAN EBOOK: How I Control My Psoriasis Through Diet & Supplements


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