Why My First Post On Inspire Psoriasis Forum was Deleted

Why My First Post On Inspire Psoriasis Forum Was Deleted

I have been thinking a lot lately about the direction my psoriasis blog/website has been taking. I have received numerous messages of goodwill from some of this blog’s readers which always boosts my motivation when it begins to lag.

Also as my psoriasis continues to stay under my full control, I am growing more confidence in telling my story.

On the other side of the coin, the more in control it is, the more I push the limits by reintroducing food items that may trigger a flare up.

When I see a bad reaction I can back off and it seems to settle back to a controlled state again.

Trying to get more eyeballs on my little blog


However the reach of the blog is tiny, sometimes only a couple of dozen a day.  Therefore a  decision was made to go where my fellow psoriasis sufferers hang out. Yes,  I created an account on Inspire Psoriasis forum, even though I dreaded the thought of opening myself up to being judged.

Not only that but I used my real name and picture so people could see I am not hiding behind some bullshit identity that those online marketing creeps have been doing for years.

I spent a day writing my first blog post as I wanted to leave a  lasting effect and help ”inspire” people who are in the same position as I was 2 years ago. You can read the full post here.

However it didn’t really plan out as I thought it would. I received the following email from some one named Mike O’ Xxxx which shocked me…

Mad Mike’s Email

“Hey John

You’re a fucking fraud and thanks to me your post has just been removed from Inspire. Don’t come back asshole”

Hmm, what to do

I let it sit for a day and then I felt obliged to reply…

“Hi Mike

How can I be a fraud when all I have said is 100% true? Last time I checked there were 5 replies on that post so its unfortunate if something arose on that thread that I did not get a chance to respond to. Why do you think I am a fraud?

If I recall your name correctly you have downloaded my free ebook? What was in that eBook that causes you to think I am a fraud? It actually works for me. You have no ideas of the struggles I have gone through in life because of my psoriasis so gives you no right to call people assholes for no reason.

I look forward to a response.


It’s over 2 weeks now and I haven’t heard any response yet. The email did make me question what I am trying to achieve with this blog so I hope the following section will clear up once and for all the motives behind my website/blog.

Transparency of this blog

The aim of this blog is to get my story out about how I can control my psoriasis through diet, supplements and minor changes to my lifestyle.

But first a bit of back story

2 years before I started this blog I  knew from experience that every time my psoriasis was fully under control, my stress levels were low to non existent. I knew working in an tough office environment was driving my stress levels through the roof and would mean I would never be able to fully control my psoriasis.

So I quit my job and moved to a climate where the sun shines 10 months of the year 


I took control of my life. Even though I had an IT related qualification, coding was impossible for me so I forced myself to learn how to make websites.

I found it a lot more enjoyable than trying to code in difficult programming languages like Visual C++. I started freelanced designing basic websites for small businesses in my new location.

I continued to study and improve my skill set around areas that interested me.

After a year I eventually found a perfect job where I got paid to pursue my hobby with no stress. I had to take a massive drop in salary but it was more than enough to survive.

I knew it was the only way I could finally prove that low stress, good diet and a some sunshine/vitamin D3 is all you need to feel great and get that skin under control once and for all!

Blog now 2 years old…

So it was around this time I decided to create this blog. Psoriasis was the one thing that was close to my heart.

I thought about it every day of my life since I was 14 and now I had discovered what was causing it and how to get it under control!

I used my website designing skills to develop the blog and just kept blasting out blog posts at random times and created my step by step guide to controlling your psoriasis.

So this brings me back to the main topic. In an effort for transparency of this blog I have decided to do the following over the next month.

No more email optin for the Smart Psoriasis Diet Plan

I have made the Smart Psoriasis Diet Plan eBook non email opt in so people can read exactly what is working for me. I will look for nothing in return.

I have created a separate website here www.smartpsoriasisdiet.com to be the home of this great free resource.

My recipe book is off the market

I self published a recipe book 11 months ago entitled “Best Diet for Psoriasis 30 Minute Meals Recipe Book” however I am taking it off the market.

I had gotten some help from a professional copy writer when creating the sales page and the way he constructed the page never felt quite right to me.

So until I rewrite the page in my own words and redesign it using my not so great design skills, the recipe book will not be for sale. I can’t give an exact date, could be in a few weeks or a few months. Major thanks to everyone for the good feedback so far.

Sometimes I get a few dimes when I recommend stuff 

Every now and then I recommend a product or service that I have used and found beneficial. Sometimes I will get a small commission if someone clicks through my link and buys that product. From now on I will be making it perfectly obvious if I receive a commission or not.

It is then up to you to decide to support this site or not. Everything I make will be put towards the upkeep of the website and help me grow the website and spread the word that you can control psoriasis through diet, supplements and changes to your lifestyle.

Let’s wrap it up!

Not for the first time, I have rambled on. I think I have covered more than enough in this post.

To be honest since time has passed, I’ve started to care a lot less now about what Mad Mike wrote.

mad mike inspire blog post

Haters are gonna hate and you can’t please everyone.

I’d love to get some feedback on what issues you are encountering with your psoriasis at the moment. Thanks for reading!


John Redfern